Kathleen Barger

Kathleen Barger resides in The Roaring Fork Valley.  She is a graduate of Northwestern University and taught school many years ago.  This true story of Guinness is her first book, and she believes in the joy of having animals find their Forever Human Friends.  Proceeds from the sale of the Guinness book will go to Colorado Animal Rescue (CARE) and Colorado Mountain College No Barriers Fund.

Kristen Halverson

Halverson’s books cater to themes of kindness, respect, inclusion, teamwork, and respecting the environment.

Halverson has published seven storybooks. She has family that resides in Aspen and her 7th book was inspired by her visits to Aspen, the nature elements of Aspen along with the Aspen Snowmass Give A Flake Campaign as a portion of Snowflake Dreams: A Mountain Tale benefit Protect Our Winters.

Halverson’s vision with her titles now is for schools to leverage them with leadership programs and or relevant lesson plans that foster her narratives’ core values in order to develop young leaders with school communities.

Halverson serves as a dedicated advocate for horses and the environment. She specializes in library book readings programs around the country.

Christine Kemp

Christine Kemp lives near Aspen in the town of Basalt. She is the owner of an interior design company, Tezaal Design. Christine is the author and illustrator of The Bug House. Her story took root in Bolton, Massachusetts where the Concord grapes grew on a family pasture. The book was created to share with her three children. Christine has created her very own three dimensional bug house to share with children during book events.

Walker Mills

Walker grew up in Birmingham, Alabama and works and plays in the Rocky Mountains. She received her bachelor’s degree from Birmingham Southern College and a master’s degree from Colorado State University. She currently works as an occupational therapist in the Colorado public school system, helping children experience success in meaningful childhood activities. She does have a dog named Charlie. She loves him very much.
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Casey Scarry

Colorado residing resident, born and raised on the outskirts of Boston, Massachusetts, Casey Scarry has had a lifelong passion for illustrating, creating, and working with young children. In the midst of working at Aspen Country Day School as an Early Childhood Educator, she hopes to continue her adventure towards joy and passion in the creativity realm; as well hoping to inspire young audiences in the endeavor for imaginative creations.  Casey’s current project is a children’s book that brings imaginative creatures and current worldly situations together into a fun collaborative environment.  Stay tuned!

Jill Sheeley

Jill is an accomplished chef and author of twelve books. She has lived in Aspen for 50 years fulfilling a life long dream of writing and publishing books while pursuing a range of jobs from ski instructing to hostessing on a mountaintop restaurant.

As a young mother, after reading hundreds of books to her daughter Courtney, she began writing The Adventures of Fraser the Yellow Dog series, featuring Courtney and their beloved family Labrador, Fraser. Jill wrote three cookbooks before writing her Fraser adventure stories. Adventures of Kip in Aspen and Snowmass is her latest children’s book based on her daughter’s Australian shepherd, Kip.

Jill is passionate about children’s education. She utilizes her books as a means to motivate children to read as well as help others realize their dream to write. Jill teaches writing workshops all around the world and sponsors an annual, local writing contest for 3rd and 4th graders. Jill works with adults as well, helping aspiring authors to self-publish. Many newspapers around the country have interviewed Jill about her career. She has made appearances on TV and radio talk shows. Most recently Jill was featured on PBS’ show, “Kid Stew.” Link:

Julianne Stokes

Julianne Stokes is the author and illustrator of ABC Healthy and Dolphins Don’t Eat Donuts, and Ski Bird and Powder Piggy Race to the Top.  Julianne hopes to encourage children along with parents and caregivers to live a healthy lifestyle. 

Julianne Stokes studied Studio Art at the University of Colorado and did the Alternate route to Teaching Art in New Jersey.  She lives in Snowmass Village, Colorado and spends time at the Jersey Shore.  From Colorado to New Jersey, Julianne hosts many events for children. Kids love to help point out the healthy letters in her ABC book and many laughs are shared during her dolphin book readings. This winter, with the help of a skiing bird and a snowboarding pig, Julianne will be teaching children mountain safety.

Links: instagram@jstokesart